Dr. James Lovelock, the originator of the Gaia Theory, says most of the “green stuff” we are doing to abate global warming is a giant money making scam – and “just what finance and industry wanted. Carbon trading, he warns, won’t “do a damn thing about climate change.” Video below.
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In a January 23, 2009 NewScientist interview, Lovelock, who is scheduled to make a trip into space sometime this year after this 90th birthday, says we “have not a chance in hell,” to reduce carbon emissions to an acceptable and healthy level.

A lot of people are making a lot of money, and according Mr. Lovelock, they, and we, are postponing “the moment of reckoning.”

“Are we doomed,” NewScientist asked Lovelock. He lays out two things we can do: One you’ll hear in the video below: we can stop breathing, and we can bury massive quantities of charcoal.

It would mean farmers turning all their agricultural waste – which contains carbon that the plants have spent the summer sequestering – into non-biodegradable charcoal, and burying it in the soil. Then you can start shifting really hefty quantities of carbon out of the system and pull the CO2 down quite fast.

The wind farms are folly, consuming gigantic quantities of land – and Lovelock, a citizen of the UK, says he sees his countryside disappearing to wind technology at a rapid rate, and “it drives me mad.”

The bottom-line of Dr. Lovelock’s research is that there are too many people living on planet earth; too many by about 6 billion.

The effect of the earth’s warming, he cautions, reduces the ability to grow food, and people will die. Between now and the end of this century, he predicts the population will be reduced to 1 billion, courtesy of our earthly warming.

In a 2007 interview in Oslo with Rolling Stone, Dr. Lovelock says the coming world disaster will be an exciting time for those who survive:

In Lovelock’s view, the scale of the catastrophe that awaits us will soon become obvious. By 2020, droughts and other extreme weather will be commonplace. By 2040, the Sahara will be moving into Europe, and Berlin will be as hot as Baghdad. Atlanta will end up a kudzu jungle. Phoenix will become uninhabitable, as will parts of Beijing (desert), Miami (rising seas) and London (floods).

Food shortages will drive millions of people north, raising political tensions. “The Chinese have nowhere to go but up into Siberia,” Lovelock says. “How will the Russians feel about that? I fear that war between Russia and China is probably inevitable.” With hardship and mass migrations will come epidemics, which are likely to kill millions. By 2100, Lovelock believes, the Earth’s population will be culled from today’s 6.6 billion to as few as 500 million, with most of the survivors living in the far latitudes — Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia, the Arctic Basin.

Dissenting viewpoints are many, on all global warming and climate change perspectives. The problem for dissenters is that the research by their Ph.D.’s, seldom makes it to print – not to mention that few research facilities and Universities will fund or allow research that might not be among the more popular doomsday theories.

It’s a dilemma for humans, and especially for Liberal humans who seem determined to sacrifice for, and bear the mantle of guilt handed out by Al Gore. and his “team,” at Generation Investment Management (GIM), where Gore is chairman, and where Gore purchases his own carbon credits. It works like this: buy your own carbon credits from yourself and write yourself a paycheck. According to NewsBusters, GIM has one of the largest carbon credit portfolios in the world and Gore has a 9.5 percent stake in the company, or maybe he doesn’t. Read NewsBusters’ ‘gotcha’ piece. The hysteria Gore and his followers generate is a green money machine.

Dr. James Loveland at the Windscreen Festival, November 2008

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