Keeping a campaign promise of sorts, the U.S. military bombed Pakistan today killing at least seven people on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Pakistan Obama

Barack Obama Continues Bush Policy

One recalls that candidate Obama threatened to invade Pakistan during the primary campaign, a boast that was either laughed off by supporters or alarmed critics. The remarks caused a diplomatic firestorm which forced Obama to retract later. Pakistan is a nuclear-armed country with one of the largest armies in the world, and an unsteady friend to the United States in the world war on terrorism.

Although the bombing run by a drone aircraft is not technically an invasion, one wonders if Obama is trying to get the naivety-label off his back. Today’s bombing action is a clear continuation of a George Bush policy, one that is known to be by tacit agreement with the Pakistani government. They publicly complain but privately appreciate the help.

But by bombing Pakistan, Obama runs the risk of confusing the public. Although the president never defined what the “change” slogan meant, many interpreted it is a repudiation of George Bush’s foreign policy. Now that he is embracing it, clearly some of his most loyal supporters will balk as if they were suckered.

Right Pundits applauds the president when he is right. The best thing he can do until he understands the complexities of our world affairs is to continue the previous administration’s foreign policy practices and agreements. Forever end the reflexive talk about invading an ally one day while threatening to unilaterally pull out from another the next.

Instead work together with our allies on bilateral relations just like George Bush did and all presidents do. Don’t threaten to invade Pakistan for God’s sake but instead continue the effective secret policy of military cooperation that Bush forged. Doing so will buy President Obama time to fix the economy, which to most of us is a far more important campaign promise.

Obama Policy on Pakistan (Video)