Rumors of a Caroline Kennedy affair are upsetting Camelot and rocking New York politics. Read the story here. Who is Caroline Kennedy secretly dating if anyone? And did this heel cost her the senate nomination?

Caroline Kennedy Affair

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Those are the questions being asked in the 24 hours since her bombshell withdrawal from consideration for the senate seat appointment by New York Governor David Patterson. Within a few short hours of midnight she withdrew for “personal reasons,” re-entered the race, and exited again among a flurry of affirmations and denials from her own associates and those of the governor. Only a day earlier she was considered a shoo-in for the job.

One wonders if Caroline Kennedy was blackmailed into withdrawing by a political rival for the seat. We don’t know, but we do know what is getting reported on Fox News and MSNBC. See the Chris Matthews and Bill O’Reilly videos below.

The rumor is that a Caroline Kennedy affair may exist, and that means the shoe may fit. The rumored buddy is none other than liberal New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, known as “Pinchy” Sulzberger by both friend and foe. He is married but in the middle of divorce after 33 years of marital bliss with wife Gail Gregg.

And what about Caroline Kennedy’s marriage? Her husband is talented designer Edwin Schlossberg. Nobody has produced any evidence of an affair although it is generally recognized that they are close friends. Gawker reports that dinner-party gossip began almost a year ago after Pinch’s split.

We hope that is not true although the speculation is rampant. Caroline Kennedy’s public persona is that of a kind woman, although perhaps naive and unprepared for the rigors of politics. But she is a Kennedy, and that fact alone goes a long way in the public’s eye. If a state can elect Jesse Ventura or Al Franken to public office, surely we can handle Caroline Kennedy. She may even command the deference to be effective.

But a Caroline Kennedy affair? Say it ain’t so.

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