This is Beau Breedlove and yes, that is his real name! He reportedly had a secret affair when he was barely 18 with Portland, Oregon’s Mayor Sam Adams, who was 42. Read his biography, see photos and watch a video below.

Beau Breedlove

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Beau Breedlove, now 21, has mostly been silent about Mayor Sam Adams’ woes regarding their affair when he was barely 18 and Sam Adams, then a city councilman, was 42. Mayor Adams who is a democrat, apologized to Portland this week for lying about a sexual relationship with Beau, a young man Sam Adams was mentoring on being gay and in public service. We have written about the details of the situation here.

Laughably, Mayor Adams has now asked the city of Portland to consider it ‘an anomaly’ considering his two decades of public service.

However, Beau has now released a written statement saying in part,

‘Reflecting back, I regret misleading anyone the nature of the relationship. When the subject first surfaced during the campaign, I was living out-of-state and I did not anticipate the impact it might have on Portland’s mayoral campaign. While my first instinct was to tell the truth, I also wanted to protect Sam Adam’s reputation, considering our valuable friendship.’

Beau Breedlove, the young intern, has more integrity in dealing with this smarmy tale then the Mayor of the city of Portland. But then that’s usually how it is, isn’t it?

By the way, Sam Adams easily won the 2008 Mayoral election, making Portland the largest U.S. city to elect an openly gay mayor. He was sworn in recently on January 1 and though there are growing calls for his resignation, says he has no intention of resigning. However, he did leave open the possibility saying “If it were no longer in the city’s best interests that I stay, yes, I would resign.”

So do we just say it and you’ll go? Ok. It’s no longer in the city’s best interests. See ya.

Beau Breedlove Biography

There are limited details about Beau Breedlove available at this point, but we can tell you he is 21 years old having been born in 1987. He is a 2005 graduate of Sprague High School in Salem, Oregon.

Salem is the capital city of Oregon. Beau, as a 17 year old senior in high school, worked at the state capital as a legislative aide to state Representative Kim Thatcher (R – Keizer). It is reported that at that time, Beau was just coming out of the closet as a young gay man.

It was then that Sam Adams, who was 42 years old and a Portland city commissioner, met Beau while at the capital doing lobbying on behalf of the city of Portland. They struck up a conversation, and Beau called Sam Adams soon after, hoping for both professional and personal advice on coming out of the closet in the political world. Their friendship began and their relationship at that point was reportedly a ‘mentoring’ one.

Three weeks after turning 18 years old, Beau and Sam Adams had an intimate relationship which lasted approximately two months. Not long after, Beau Breedlove moved to Hawaii for a short time and then Michigan. He has since returned to Portland.

Beau is considered a talented pianist and obviously had a interest in politics. After bouncing from place to place and job to job working primarily in restaurants as a waiter, he has become a leasing agent at the Wyatt, a new luxury apartment building in the Pearl District of Portland.

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