This is Sasha Obama. She is the youngest daughter of President Barack and Michelle Obama. Read her biography below, see photos and a great video.

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Sasha Obama

Sasha Obama has been described as ‘The First Family Ham.’ She has been in the public eye more then half her life. She is outgoing, funny, confident, and she is only 7! She generally does adorable things and can be seen frequently mugging for the camera.

On Inauguration Day, Sasha and her big sister Malia, looked terrific but also like real kids. She will be great fun to watch during the next four years!

Sasha Obama Biography

Natasha ‘Sasha’ Obama was born June 10, 2001 in Chicago, Illinois so her age is 7. She is the youngest daughter of President Barack and Michelle Obama. She has one older sister named Malia. Sasha is the youngest resident of the White House since John F. Kennedy, Jr. arrived as an infant in 1961.

While in Chicago, both Sasha and her sister Malia attended the private University of Chicago Laboratory School. Now they both attend the Sidwell Friends School which is the same school the Chelsea Clinton attended. Sasha is currently in the 2nd grade and doing great.

Always playful, Sasha loves to do gymnastics and tap dance. She also participates, like her sister Malia, in piano and tennis. She loves the super hip ‘Ugly Doll’. On her first day of school at Sidwell Friends, Sasha was spotted with an Ugly Doll keychain hanging from her backpack.

One of the sweet stories involving Sasha and her sister Malia is the anticipation of a new ‘First Dog’ at the White House – a promise from their dad, Barack Obama. They have narrowed their selection to either a labradoodle or Portuguese Water Dog.

It is reported that Sasha prefers the labradoodle!

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