Meet Malia Obama. She is the oldest daughter of President Barack and Michelle Obama. You can read her biography, see photos and watch a video below.

Malia Obama

Malia Obama

As vehemently as I disagree with Barack Obama and his policies, I must admit I think his daughters are pretty adorable. And I, like most Americans, love having kids in the White House. However I am concerned for them as well.

I am concerned first and foremost for their security and safety – which is handled by the best in the world, our Secret Service. I also want them to grow and thrive as children should. That, I think, is going to be the tough part.

The kids of Presidents never really have it easy do they? On one hand they have an amazing life — they meet royalty and world leaders, they can have personal concerts with rock stars and travel the world. But on the other hand, criticisms are levied at them from the tenderest of ages, beginning with their parents’ choice of school and ending with public humiliation at the slightest slip-up. Remember the Bush twins and how the press loved to play ‘gotcha’ with them? And if a president’s kid prospers, they are always accused of nepotism rather then merit.

Daughters of presidents seem to get a lot more criticism on how they look or behave in the media then sons. Remember the jokes about the young Chelsea Clinton or even the young Amy Carter? The scrutiny of presidential kids can actually be pretty awful. Today Malia and her sister seem lighthearted, well adjusted, and really quite level-headed. I suspect it’s going to take all their parents’ formidable skills to keep them that way.

Malia Obama Biography

Malia Ann Obama was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 4, 1998 so her age is 10. She is the oldest daughter of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. She has one sister, Sasha, who is three years younger.

Malia and her sister are typical American girls. She participates in tennis, soccer, dance, piano, and drama. She has a lighthearted personality where even in the last critical days of the presidential campaign, she went trick or treating on Halloween as an ‘evil fairy’ while her little sister dressed up as a ‘corpse bride.’

Malia definately has an interest in fashion. In fact, some are saying she will be the next tween fashion role model and if that’s true, we’ll have 4 years of middle school fashion to look forward to. Besides fashion, Malia is also interested in the Jonas Brothers. The guys performed at the Kids Inaugural Ball at the request of the Obama daughters. And on their first night in the White House, the sisters were treated to a suprise visit from the guys during a scavenger hunt. Malia’s secret service code name seems to reflect her outgoing personality: ‘radience’.

Malia Obama is in the 5th grade at the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and by all reports, she is a very good student.

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