The inaugural parade begins at 2:30 EST this afternoon, Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, beginning at the U.S. Capitol building and proceeding to the White House.

A video of the parade, expected to be largest gathering of citizens in the history of Washington D.C., will be added when available.

This American tradition always has a few surprises. Will President and Mrs. Obama leave their limo and walk a portion of the way – or walk all the way to the White House? No one is revealing this little secret. Some Presidents have and some have not. That’s the question of the day.

As America’s first Black President takes the reigns of American history, it is proper to note that Black Americans first took part in President Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural parade in 1865. Also noteworthy, exactly 72 [1937] years ago today, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first President to take the oath of office on January 20th, when the swearing in was moved from March to January

As President Barack Obama gives his inaugural speech this minute, some 207,000 eager Americans have poured into our Nation’s capitol, according to the AP. Commuter trains were sold out of tickets…no parking places to be found. If you are not already there, you’ve missed the opportunity.

The parade route begins at the U.S. Capitol Building, proceeds down Pennsylvania avenue to the White House. A map may be viewed here and a list of public entry points here.

Inaugural Parade Video – The Obamas Walking Past the Justice Department

Obama Inaugural Parade – Video