President Bush arrived in the Oval Office early today – his last day as President of the United States. He took his last stroll on the south White House grounds, thanked World leaders by phone for their “friendship and cooperation,” wrote the “traditional” note to the incoming President and tucked it away in the Presidential desk.

George W Bush 15 george w bush 10 04 06

The 43rd President of the United States, George Walker Bush

The Obamas arrived at the White House North Portico this morning for coffee in the Blue Room. Exchanging warm greeting, Michelle Obama handed Laura Bush a package tied with a red ribbon. The coffee will be attended by the leaders of the Joint Congressional Committee, and George H. W. Bush, Barbara Bush,and Bush daughters, Jenna and Barbara. This is a morning for last goodbyes.

The business of the Nation is now done for George W. Bush, assuming nothing befalls America before 12 noon today, when Barack Obama assumes the Presidency.

White House staff scurries at lightening speed on this last half day. Everything becomes new and fresh for the Obama family. The minute the Presidential motorcade left the White House north drive this morning, carrying the Bush and Obama families, moving vans pulled up to the WH south side and the personal belongings of the incoming President begin their residency in the most famous piece of real estate in the World.

We can see the power of the Presidency in the painting of the West Wing offices. In a span of 4 hours, all the offices will be repainted – just 4 hours to do it all – and move the furniture back in.

President Bush’s private documents are packed and ready for transition to his presidential library, with construction for the facility beginning in 2009 on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

This moment in Washington D.C., former President Jimmy and Rosyln Carter have been announced to loud applause. President H. W. Bush and Barbara are announced to subdued applause. The Clinton’s are announced and seated, again to much applause. Well so it goes in the city of extreme partisanship.

One of the last acts of G.W. was commuting the sentences of Border Patrol Agents Ignatius Ramos and Jose A. Compean. A last act of well-deserved mercy for these men and their families. A last act that moved many Americans to tears. Thank you “W.” We feared this might not happen.

So here we go, the Bush family will soon leave Washington D. C. by helicopter for Andrews Air Force base, and a new “after” life begins in Dallas. Texas.

Hooah and God bless you, President Bush, history will long remember your bedrock decency.