Less than 24 hours before Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, a few details about the inaugural speech are beginning to leak.

The Sunday TV talk shows were heavy with Obama’s top advisors. Their job, according to the Washington Post, was “to remind the public of his [Obama] immediate goals upon taking over the presidency….”

Gibbs Rob 1 gibbsplaneweb

Robert (Rob) Gibbs – Obama Administration Press Secretary

Soon-to-be Press Secretary, Robert [Rob] Gibbs appeared this weekend on Fox News Sunday. The inaugural speech, he said, will be “heavily infused” with familiar campaign themes – “getting our country back on track,” with the main theme calling for “responsibility and restoring public confidence.” The President-elect, he said, believes that “we need more responsibility and accountability, certainly in the way our government acts.”

Wallace asked if American’s are going to be asked for “personal sacrifice,” or “personal responsibility?” Gibbs acknowledged that the government needs to act more responsibly and then ended with this:

Obviously, the American people are all going to have to give some. What’s important, though, is ensuring that those that have had the short end of the stick for the last few years — make sure that they get the help that they need, that this administration begins to create the jobs and give some financial stability to families so that they can feel hopeful about going forward.

So there’s the first almost-official announcement that the government will create jobs for the people. There was no mention of the private sector jobs that will be eliminated due to government benevolence. There was also nothing identifying those “who had the short end of the stick for the last few years…”

Wallace asked if Obama will tell the financial institutions in Tuesday’s speech, to “Get lending, get going, let’s get this economy going again?”

Gibbs would not say that a direct message to financials will be included, but did say that “…if we don’t do that, nothing is going to this economy moving again.”

Emanuel Rahm 4 images

Rahm Emanuel, Obama Administration Chief of Staff

Moving to NBC’s Meet the Press with David Gregory, Rahm Emanuel, the soon-to-be Chief of Staff agrees with Gibbs – “responsibility” will be the theme – specifically “a culture of responsibility.” His remarks were virtually identical to those of Gibbs.

So, a culture of responsibility is what we’ll be hearing.

And so that for–in both business, in the corporate boardroom, to in government offices, that there has been a culture of–that anything goes and is permissible, and that we want–must once again restore a values system that respects and honors a sense of responsibility,…

Gregory asked the question about Americans being called upon to “sacrifice.” Emanuel said that it’s not just about the economy. It’s larger than just that. It’s the “values system that, that has held us well for 200-plus years…” but he goes on to say that “sacrifice is important in restoring the greatness of the economy, it’s to a values system that is so much a definition of who we are as a country.”

It’s in with the “Culture of Responsibility” and out with the “Culture of Corruption” To do this, an even blinder eye must be turned to the following, plus a few buckets of whitewash:

William “Cold Cash” Jefferson’s $90,000 money laundering and racketeering,

Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd’s enabling of the failure of the CRA program, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for personal gain,

Barack Obama’s acceptance of $105,000 – 127,000, received from Fannie and Freddie (not because it was illegal, but because he sat in his Senate seat and did nothing to help the Republicans stop the bleeding),

John Murtha’s baldly false accusations that our Marine’s committed murder

Dianne Feinstein’s bilking of billions of dollars for personal gain from the Military and Veterans.

Barack Obama’s possible and intentional usurping of our Constitution’s natural-born citizen clause.

What about Timothy Geithner’s tax evasion – the man nominated for U.S. Secretary of Treasury?

And…after whitewashing, there’s no chance we can keep Sandy Berger out of Hillary’s Secretary of State digs.

(this rant wasn’t planned, but as the story of the speech developed, the transgressions could hardly be ignored)

So, who is Obama’s speech writer?

Here’s how the Washington Post reported it:

Robert Gibbs, the incoming White House press secretary, said Obama had written the speech himself last weekend and was relieved to have the bulk of it completed.

But Fox News Sunday reported it this way:

[Gibbs] You know, he had us clear his schedule from virtually everything last weekend. I sat down and wrote out the bulk of the speech as it is now. And I think he’s relieved to have something on paper and ready to give on Tuesday.

The Fox quote is a direct quote, while the Washington Post’s seems to be a paraphrase. So, perhaps there was no traditional speechwriter involved…and perhaps Press Secretary Gibbs is the author?

Unnamed aides say this speech will meet or surpass expectations of a President-elect known for his soaring oratory.