Here is the 2009 inauguration web-cam and video feed, which you can use to watch Barack Obama and all of the proceedings. Join the discussion by telling us your views of this historic occasion, while you watch the inauguration on our live video feed.

Inauguration Live Cam

Obama Inauguration Webcam Live Video

For now you can see the furious activity as they build the stage for Obama. Starting Tuesday morning, you can see the procession and have a front row seat for the speeches and fun.

Will the Obama inauguration break the internet because everyone in the world will be watching every minute? Our sense is that interest has been great exaggerated by an adulating press, so surprise us. We’ll be convinced when this live feed thread reaches the 1000th comment.

Meanwhile costs have soared to $170 million. The juxtaposition of such grandeur against the backdrop of a severe recession leaves some people uncomfortable. Historians may recount that Nero was fiddling while Rome burns, but for now people seem to be enjoying the festivities and giving Obama a pass. And who doesn’t like a party on live web-cam?

See the video feed below which is carrying the inauguration live for your viewing pleasure.

Obama Live Web-camera at the 2009 Inauguration

Other webcams will be running later.