The State of Michigan has informed Gary Johnson that he must marry Rebecca Witt, the mother of his children. They say get married or pay $3,800.00 for the birth of their middle child. Read about it below.

shotgun wedding

Five years ago, the Michigan Legislature amended their paternity act to waive the birthing costs for a dad if he married the baby’s mother. This was meant to be an incentive to maintain the sanctity of marriage. About a year later Rebecca Witt and Gary Johnson brought their daughter Jaelyn into the world. Miss Witt, 24, was on Medicaid at the time and now Michigan wants its money back. And rightfully so. They are the parents of three, Diesel, 2, Jaelyn, 4 and Gage, 5.

“It’s totally up to them, (but if they don’t get married) they have to pay,” said Jack Battles from the Genesee County Friend of the Court

Although the state may encourage marriage by waiving those costs, Battles said the decision to take advantage of that option is up to Witt and her fiancée.

“We have quite a few cases where this comes into play.”

“It’s not uncommon.”

Can’t you just hear the screams of the ACLU and every liberal in the nation over this forced marriage!

Johnson and Witt say they want to marry, but in their own time frame. Gary Johnson wants his girlfriend to have the wedding of her dreams.

Miss Witt maintains if the state can waive the cost with marriage, the government should be able to forgive the money without a wedding.

Asking them for more money will put them in a deeper hole.

“The (government is) supposed to help us.”

Surely I’m not the only one with a problem regarding Rebecca Witt’s attitude. Or Gary Johnson’s. Gary, at least has been honest enough to admit they do not have a car, or even an oven, and he makes only $8.00 an hour working at a nursery in Flint, Michigan. Miss Witt wants more Government assistance, and that’s a huge problem for me. And other hardworking, taxpaying, decent citizens in the almost bankrupt State of Michigan.

There is an order to life, at least for most of us. Girls grew up, finished school, got engaged, got married and had babies. I am the first to agree if folks waited until they could afford to have children, well, we would have been fresh out of them long ago … so this is not about that. This is about responsibility, self respect, morals, and doing the right thing. Wanting John Q. Public to finance your sexcapades resulting in illegitimate babies is not only arrogant, it’s rude. It shows a mindset seeped in laziness and excuses. There are people out there trying to live their lives the right way. Who are these welfare mooches to demand more from the taxpayers because *they want* something they can’t afford? I was raised, as many others in my day, that if you need a helping hand, look down at the end of your own arms. There should be a hand or two there. Why do I and others have to be responsible for your selfishness?

Please don’t misunderstand my point. I am fully aware that many people come upon hard times unexpectedly and need a bit of help. Those folks accept the help only because they fervently believe it’s temporary, they will get back to work, or find another home after losing one to a fire, etc. They have an established work ethic, a belief in family, home and God. I have seen many become distraught when having to ask for help. Those are the kind of people I and others do not mind helping.

It’s the Rebecca Witts and Gary Johnsons that cause such outrage. Our country is in financial turmoil, and the One is promising us more bailouts …. just what the taxpayers need, right? Meanwhile, the lazy, selfish and seemingly useless, reach their hand further out, wanting more … and more.

And why is this making the news, you wonder? Because the State of Michigan ordered Johnson to pay $500.00 a month in restitution, which was negotiated down to $50.00 per month which is still too much for Witt/ Johnson. They said “even $10.00 a month hurts us.” Why do you have children then? No regard for the fact that it hurts the taxpayers more!

I would suggest that until you are both working and providing for YOUR children, you both need to learn to keep the pants zipped and the legs crossed. And do the right thing for YOUR children and get married. A wedding isn’t everything and won’t determine the kind of parents you are …. but parenthood IS everything, and your children deserve better than what you are putting them through. Enough with the excuses, i.e “I can’t find my birth certificate.” Quit looking for a hand out for once! I don’t want to pay for your children, and neither does anyone else I know.

What do you think?