As we countdown to inauguration, the burning question on everyone’s mind is ‘what will Michelle Obama wear for the 10 inaugural balls?’ According to all reports, Michelle Obama is not planning to reveal the designer of her dress until Inauguration Day. Read more about it below, see photos of potential dresses, and watch a fun video.

Michelle Obama Inaugural  Gown

Michelle Obama Inaugural Gown?

Sketch by Christian LaCroix for Michelle Obama

Finding the right inaugural ball gown would be tough on any girl. You have to look gorgeous in it, be able to dance in it, and wave like a beauty queen while sashay-ing around in it. There are tons of photo ops and with all those limo exits, you gotta be able to manuever really well without catching your heel in the hem of it. For Michelle Obama however, it’s an even harder task because she has already demonstrated more then once that she is seriously fashion-challenged. Poor thing.

Designers everywhere have been submitting sketches to entice Michelle’s untrained eye; from Oscar de la Renta to Carolyn Herrera to Christian LaCroix. But Michelle’s aides say that the future first lady has yet to even make a final decision on which dress she will wear. I am assuming it’s because of that, shall we say, ‘lapse in fashion judgement’ on election night. She simply has to get this dress right this time otherwise Fashionistas will be looking at the ‘hope and change’ promises of the Obamas and simply hope she changes into something more appropriate and fitting for a First Lady for gosh sakes!

After the clothes, there’s the hair. To prepare for the big moment, you and I are also paying for the Obamas to each fly in their long-time hairdressers to help them style their hairdos for Inauguration Day. I wasn’t aware that Obama actually had a ‘hairdo’ but it seems The One’s hometown barber, Zariff, from Hyde Park Hair Salon in Chicago, has done Obama’s hair for 14 years. He will be coming in for the inauguration to give the future president his pre-presidential clip. Michelle’s ‘do is a secret of course.

And her shoes? I am most certain nothing sexy and nothing strappy. I suspect ballet slippers or something similarly flat and sadly, quite functional.

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