The war over the passage of Proposition 8 in California is now personal and ugly.

Prop 8 Maps

Proposition 8 Map

As reported by SFist, someone has created a mashup of Google maps and a list of addresses of donors in favor of Proposition 8 to create a comprehensive map of pro-Prop 8 San Francisco residents. You can see the full map here. Proposition 8 effectively ended the legal recognition of same-sex marriages in the state of California.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I know that 1960’s style direct action politics and sit-in protests are still alive and well here. The people who live at the addresses shown on this map can expect a lot of shouting, if not more, outside of their homes sometime soon.

Proposition 8 supporters, as reported by SF Gate, are currently fighting to make donorship lists for propositions anonymous under campaign finance laws. They have filed a lawsuit in California state court to keep the donor lists out of public view to prevent harassment of donors.

I believe that is pretty cowardly and hypocritical. If you are willing to “out” people as supporters of Proposition 8, at least have the guts to say who you are.

If you created this site, please tell us where you live. If you think politics should be totally transparent, then let us see who you are.

Personally, I think privacy is an important part of democracy. If you go down this road, you might as well make everyone publicly state who they voted for on every election.