Say hello to Thom Creed, labeled the world’s first gay superhero enshrined on the pages of Marvel Comics. See the hilarious video below.

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Thom Creed: Marvel’s Gay Superhero

Biograhically, Thom Creed is a high-school basketball star who excels as a mortal far more than mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent. The gay superhero keeps his sexuality a secret as well as his budding powers. The character was created by inspiration from the novel Hero by Perry Moore. The picture above is, of course, a farce. Nobody knows what Thom Creed looks like yet except the creator who is keeping it top secret.

What are his powers? These guys don’t know but we do. Rumor is that Thom Creed can bend his wrist which will tastefully redecorate the interior of a building, causing momentary confusion among the bad guys while he binds them in chains and leather. Creed’s cape is by Versace, while he forgoes the usual hood for an impenetrable layer of gel. Like superman’s phone booth, Thom’s superpowers are at full strength after emerging from a closet. Just kidding. You know.

As Gay Patriot notes, he is not really the world’s first gay superhero and not even the first under the Marvel brand, but he is the first to have his own TV show and will be the most promoted. My hunch is Thom will be a big financial success.

The character was developed by legendary superhero creator Stan Lee. He created Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men.

In all seriousness, what do you think about the new gay superhero, Thom Creed?

Gay Superhero Video (Humor)