Well, American Idol got off to a rockin’ start last night. Now, as I sat around and watched this with my wife and three daughters, I was thinking to myself, you know what this show is missing? More sex, specifically girls in bikini’s. Well, not to fear because Katrina Darrel soon made her appearance and cured that deficiency. You can watch the video below.

Katrina Darrell, American Idol Bikini Girl

So, judge for yourself, can Ms. Darrell sing? She got the vote of both Cowell and Jackson (but one wonders how objective they were) but the new judge this season, DioGuardi was not too impressed. In fact, Darrell fired back at her and the two got into it with each other. Now, that is something Idol could use more of, half-naked girl cat fights, talk about a ratings winner. Personally, I don’t care much about the signing, I hope we see more of the young Ms. Darrell, or less of her if you know what I mean.