A 22-year-old California woman named Natalie Dylan is auctioning her virginity on the internet. The bidding has now reached a phenomenal $3.7 million according to the Daily Telegraph.

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan is a student from San Diego, California who is selling her virginity to the highest bidder in an internet auction. As reported by the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph today, the bidding has reached a staggering $3.7 million. Dylan reportedly is conducting the auction to fund her education. Dylan already has a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies. She plans to pay for an advanced degree in family and marriage therapy with the proceeds from the auction.

An advanced degree in therapy costs considerably less than $3.7 million, so she should have some money left over for other activities.

According to the Daily Telegraph, she got the idea for the auction from her sister, who reportedly paid for college by being a prostitute for three weeks. What a family!

Some thoughts:

1) Unless the “transaction” takes place in that one county in Nevada where prostitution is legal or in a foreign country, this is illegal. Auctioning sex for money on the internet is prostitution, unless I am missing something.

2) Whoever bid $3.7 million is likely joking. The bid is probably unenforceable since prostitution is illegal, so you can bid a gazillion dollars and never have to pay. $3.7 million will also buy you a dozen or so “wives” in other countries, so why pay a premium for just one night with a not-particularly-good-looking nutcase?

3) Can she prove she’s a virgin? There aren’t many 22-year-old virgins in this country anymore. Frankly, by the looks of her, I would guess she’s lying.

Is this one of the signs that the end is near? What kind of a message does this send to the young ladies of America?

natalie dylan