Well, file this under weird and disturbing. A Chicago elementary school were recruited by an artist to be part of a 150-foot potrait of Barack Obama.  Here is a video of the event.

While this isn’t as strange as the cult-like kids signing their praises of the man, it is still kind of creepy to me.  Teaching children to worship government, or a politician is dangerous, especially in our public school system.  They way this teacher talks about the kids being excited to help in some way is very bizarre to me.  How exactly is standing in the cold to make a living picture of you cult leader helping him?  I guess it helps like it helps any cult leader, it strokes his ego.

Here is an interesting question for those on the left, would you be comfortable with school children being used to create a larger then life picture of George W Bush?  Of course you wouldn’t, nor would I and I’m a conservative. 

Welcome to the era of Obamanation, the man who does nothing, but everyone loves him for it, plus he’s cool!