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Barack Obama attended a dinner party Tuesday night exclusively with some of the GOP’s leading conservative pundits – Will, Kristol, Brooks and Krauthammer. What could they possibly have talked about? Read more below, see some photos, and watch an awesome video!

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UPDATED 1/14/09: As mentioned briefly in this post, there were rumors flying everywhere yesterday that Rush Limbaugh had attended this Obama Nosh. Today on his program, Rush explained he flew to DC to have a private lunch with George W. Bush and attended the Medal of Freedom ceremonies for Blair, Howard and Uribe. Rush says he didn’t even know the dinner had been planned. All I know is that if Rush had been there, it would have been horrifying for both the right and the left.


The lovestruck press pool that follows Barack Obama around everywhere has reported that he left his temporary digs at Washington DC’s Hay-Adams hotel Tuesday evening and arrived a short time later at conservative columnist George Will’s home for dinner in the Maryland suburb of Chevy Chase.

It seems an intrepid press pool photographer shot photos of conservative Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard; conservative stalwart Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post; and David Brooks, an occasionally conservative columnist at the New York Times attending the party too. Notably absent however, was our own McCain from Right Pundits.

There was even a rumor circulating the internet that Rush Limbaugh, who was unexpectantly absent from his show today for ‘a meeting in DC’, was there! Alas, that rumor was just that… a rumor.

Will The One’s so-called ‘charm offensive’ work against conservative push-back? Or, is there power in hearing about hopechangery from the horses’ mouth so to speak? I, for one, don’t know what they were thinking.

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Mo’s ‘Why I am A Conservative Republican’ Video

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