Here is the video and commentary from Ann Coulter’s appearance on ‘The View.’

As usual with Ann Coulter, controversy follows loudly and often. The release of her new book, Guilty and her thoughts on single motherhood have sent some females right over the edge. Her appearance on The View today was no exception. See the clip below and let us know what you think !

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Ann Coulter on The View

More often than not, I find myself at odds with Ms. Coulter, but this time, she hit the nail right on the head regarding single motherhood. First, lets remove all doubt: I am not referring to women who were widowed or divorced, and neither was Ann.

I was there, in college, in the 70’s when it became apparent that feminism had nothing to do with equal rights and everything to do with emasculating and dominating a male run society. I am ashamed to admit I was a card carrying, dues paying member of NOW for almost 3 years. I hold NOW responsible for the increased illegitimate birthrates, the break up of so many marriages that was not necessary. I hold them responsible for the increased hatred and violence and rape of women, period. You will find many of those still clinging to that cult to be a bunch of bitter, hateful, vengeful women that wouldn’t know a sincere smile from a broken toe.

Single motherhood is bad. It’s wrong. It’s immoral and it’s downright selfish. Our prisons, our shelters, our rehab centers will remain overpopulated until we restore some sanity and family values back into our society. There is an order, a sequence to almost everything, and when that’s broken, as was the family dynamic years ago, chaos ensues. Look around you and Google some statistics before you get all huffy here.

Most women of today no longer seem to care how they look, how they are thought of, how their homes look, what’s in the fridge. They care about the next sexiest clothing item and some Mr. Hot Pants dude showing up, sweeping them off their feet ( along with the 4 kids by 17 dads ) and living happily ever after. They refuse to accept that rarely, if ever, happens….but this is why every freakin’ day, across this country, we read some horrific story of “mom’s boyfriend tortures/ rapes/murders toddler”.

I have spent over 20 years trying to mentor young girls…giving them a different view on life, trying to assure them of their own self worth….sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes, sadly, not at all. The successes had mothers that realized this child was their responsibility, and the failures had moms that couldn’t comprehend the concept of keeping their legs closed. As a society, we must do something !

The women on the View today simply refused to see the forest for the trees.

Before you bring up Bristol Palin, I was disappointed she did not marry before the birth. What greater gift for your child than the knowledge that his/her parents had enough self respect to marry and legitimize that child’s birth?

See the video below and tell us what you think.

Ann Coulter on The View (Video)