Entertainer Bill Cosby has long been known for his outspoken views on race. He recently spoke out on what he believes are the parenting skills of Barack and Michelle Obama, taking a swipe at Sean Hannity of Fox News, and sharing half smokes while doing so. You can read more about it below, see photos and watch a video.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is in the news today for a number of reasons. In giving several interviews he had opinions on the Obamas, their critics and most certainly their impact on DC. Here are some excerpts of those interviews.

Simply put, he believes that Barack and Michelle Obama are examples of the parenting and family values he’s challenging black America to strengthen.

“Who is Barack Obama and what did he tell us, when he talked about his mother? What was it he was saying when he said his mother woke up, 4:30 in the morning…to correct his homework, to get it done??

“Let’s listen to Michelle Obama who talks about her father with a disease, but he doesn’t call in work and say, let me call in later. He gets up an hour earlier.?

“There are statements made which tell us, you know, that people make it because they try,? Cosby said.

He also said this about those who are critical of the black community and Obama’s, and the fear that his comments could be taken out of context:

“I’m not worried about white people. Hannity – I’m not worried what he says, ? Cosby said. “I’m not worried about any racist people who are going to bring it up.?

So now, is Bill Cosby saying that if you criticize the black community or Obama you are racist? Does this mean he’s become an Obamabot like so many others? He’s reported sharing his favorite restaurant in DC with the Obamas. ‘Ben’s Chili Bowl’ who forever had a sign posted that said “Who eats free at Ben’s: Bill Cosby. No one else.” has changed.

When, DC’s mayor Adrian Fenty introduce The One to the landmark restaurant, Obama ordered a chili half-smoke, the restaurant’s signature hot dog and Bill Cosby’s fave, with sweet tea. When Obama tried to pay for the $12 dollar meal with a $20 dollar bill, the counterperson waved it off. The reason? The sign on the front about Bill Cosby eating free was changed during the campaign to read,

“Who eats free at Ben’s: Bill Cosby. The Obama Family.”

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