White House Chef Cristeta Comerford will stay on to serve the Obama family during their tenure at the White House. Read her biography and see photos and a video below.

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Cristeta Comerford

Cristeta Comerford was hired by First Lady Laura Bush to be the White House Executive Chef during the Bush administration. She is the first minority and first woman to hold that position. Michelle Obama has announced that she will keep Ms. Comerford as the White House Chef in the Obama administration. She stated that the Bushes spoke very highly of her and she didn’t see a need for change.

Michelle Obama said she and Comerford agree on “the importance of healthy eating and healthy families.”

I believe that will make three women in the White House kitchen, considering that the First Mother-in-Law, Marian Robinson, is moving into the White House with the Obamas. If you count the Obama daughters, that’s five. I predict this will all work to keep Obama in his office and working more. It will be good that Comerford is a seasoned professional with a strong personality. That’s all I’m saying.

Cristeta Comerford is only the fifth White House Executive Chef in history. She is the only woman and only Filipino American to hold the position.

Cristeta Comerford Biography

Cristeta Comerford was born Cristeta Pasia (Teta to her family) in October 1962 in the Philippines. She is 46 years old. She grew up in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. She attended local schools for her education. She was raised as the second youngest of 11 children. She has six half brothers, one half sister and three full sisters. Her father was Honesto Pasia who was an elementary school principal. Her mother is Erlinda Pasia, a dressmaker.

She majored in food technology at the University of the Philippines, Diliman in Quezon City. She left school there to immigrate to the United States when she was 23 years old. After she immigrated to the United States, she worked at various restaurants in the Chicago area, including as a ‘salad girl’ (according to her brother). After moving to the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, she worked at the Le Grande Bistro at the Westin Hotel and the Colonnade at the former ANA Hotel. She then spent six months in Vienna, Austria as a rotating chef.

She was recruited as an assistant chef for the White House by her predecessor, Walter Scheib III, in 1995. She was promoted to Executive Chef by Laura Bush in 2005.

She is married to John Comerford, also a chef, and lives in Columbia, Maryland. The couple have a daughter, Danielle.

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