Meet Nancy Killefer, Obama’s appointment to the new position of Chief Performance Officer in the next administration. See her photos, biography, and video here.

Nancy Killefer
Nancy Killefer

The job of ‘Chief Performance Officer’ is a new creation for the Obama administration. The nominal responsibilities for the job are to oversee budget and spending reform in his Washington administration. Nobody really knows what that means yet, but Obama explains it as someone who will “work with economic officials to increase efficiencies and eliminate waste in government spending.”

Full text of Obama’s introduction is here.

Only in Washington does an organization add a new layer of bureaucracy to reduce costs. The conservative blogs are having a hoot over the timing of this appointment, which ironically comes on the heels of Obama predicting record deficits during his administration. The preemptive move to undercut her effectiveness is puzzling, which leads one to believe this is a patronage appointment without claws.

As a biography, Nancy Killefer has an MBA from MIT after obtaining a bachelors degree from Vassar College. She is currently Senior Director for the Public Sector Practice of McKinsey & Company, Inc., in their Washinton DC office. They are a world-renowned professional consulting group and pseudo-Washington lobbying organization.

She first joined McKinsey in 1979, departing in 1997 to serve in the Clinton administration’s Treasury department. The regurgitation of former Clinton appointments continues to prompt the blogs to question whether this is change.

Obama appears to be struggling to find the right people and structure to make a government work. It’s still early, so let’s hope he is able to inspire more confidence among the voters as he put the early stumbled behind him. But so far the Change appears to be more of the same old same.

Nancy KilleferNancy KilleferNancy Killefer
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We’ll have the ordinary video with Obama and Nancy Killefer when it is posted. Meanwhile, enjoy the kid.