The beloved Venezuelan president has taken a hard line stance against Israel’s use of force in Gaza. He is so upset, he even expelled the Israeli Ambassador from his country. He is calling on all Venezuelan Jews to denounce these “barbarous acts.? Read more, see photos and a video below.

Hugo Chavez

Here is the quote:

“A Palestinian community lives here with us which we adore and love and there are also Jews that live here who we love as well, but I wish the Jewish community would declare themselves against this barbarism. Do it. Don’t you strongly denounce any act of persecution and the Holocaust? What do you think we are looking at [in Gaza]? Put your hand on your heart and be fair.”

Chavez has also suggested that the prime minister of Israel, along with the president of the United States, should be brought before an international court.

This will all make an exciting addition to Oliver Stones new documentary about Hugo Chavez. Yet, with drastically falling oil prices, the Venezuelan presidente may find himself irrelevant once again.

Really Mr. Chavez, I hope you realize that the rest of the world sees you as a fool. My favorite moment was when King Juan Carlos of Spain told you to shut up!, in front of the whole world (see youtube). Why? Because it needed to be said by someone. There is a constant flow of crap coming from your mouth.

Photos: WENN