Here is Barack Obama reviewing a restaurant in a curious video that only hope can appreciate. He sits at a roundtable with three Chicago women discussing a restaurant called Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop which specializes in “good, cheap food,” according to Obama, especially peach cobbler pie.

Barack Obama restaurant

Obama, Restaurant Critic

The video is uncomfortable as it portrays Obama in a frivilous light in serious times. His critics will see the personification of a lightweight politician without any cares who is able to speak passionately about nothing at all.

“Those Johnny Cakes will get you early, then you won’t have time or room for the peach cobbler,” says the future president-elect.

You can visit the dining object of Obama’s testimonial here. One wonders just how cheap is it for a Chicago politician?

The show is called “Check, Please!” which bills itself as real people offering restaurant reviews. The particular Dixie Kitchen restaurant is in Obama’s neighborhood, and perhaps reminds us of a cop’s endearing relationship with the local Winchell’s.

The more interesting juxtaposition is the timeframe. The scene takes place only seven years ago in 2001. Barack Obama, the restaurant critic and junior assemblyman, would be President-elect of the United States only seven years later.

What was George Bush doing in 2001? He was President of the United States after serving as governor, dealing with the aftermath of 911. What was John McCain doing? He was serving his third term as United States Senator after a long military career as a war hero. What was Hillary Clinton doing? Serving her first term as US Senator while continuing a career in public service. Meanwhile Barack Obama was talking about pie as a restaurant reviewer.

All of that we can agree upon. What will be controversial is interpreting Obama’s disheveled physical appearance and mannerisms. His eyelids are practically shut while his sentences frequently run away into baritone giggles. And all this affability over munchies?

Barack Obama confessed to drug abuse in his memoirs but it was thought he was only a user as a teenager. The video will bring the issue back in some readers’ minds. What do you think, dear reader? Does Obama appear to be stoned?

See the video below.

Obama Restaurant Critic (Video)