Update: February 9, 2009.

According to multiple news sources, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman will run for Governor of California in 2010.

Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman

Many mainstream media outlets, including the Washington Post and New York Times, are reporting that Meg Whitman will seek the Republican nomination for Governor of California in 2010.

A resident of Northern California, Meg Whitman is a prominent Republican with extensive political experience. She was a supporter of Mitt Romney’s candidacy for President in 2008, before joining John McCain’s campaign after McCain won the Republican nomination. She then served as the National Co-Chair of McCain/Palin 2008. You can see Meg Whitman’s full bio here. Whitman likely would have been on McCain’s short-list for Treasury Secretary had he won the presidency.

As CEO of eBay, she oversaw the rise of the company to Fortune 500 status. eBay is currently struggling, as are most corporations in this disastrous economy, but under her leadership, it had blossomed.

Meg Whitman is a fiscal conservative who stands for lower taxes, less regulation, and smaller government. As the Republican party struggles to redefine itself, she seems to be a powerful female candidate that fiscal conservatives can rally around because of her economic principles and experience in both the public and private sectors. 2010 will be a critical election for California. Proposition 8, the economy, and immigration issues have the state extremely divided. It will be interesting to see which party gains the initial advantage in the state following Arnold’s long reign.

See Meg Whitman’s speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention here:

Meg Whitman RNC Speech