The houses that Jimmy Carter built are crumbling. Well, some of them in Florida are anyway. The residents of the Fairway Oaks homes built by Habitat for Humanity and financed by Hollywood are complaining. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

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Jimmy Carter

I’ve said many times that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter needed to stick to building houses and quit talking about anything. He really needs to not talk about anything at all. He could be the dignified former President, if only he would build houses and keep his mouth shut.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Not about the not talking part, but about the building houses part. Not only does he interfere with any and all current Presidents and American public and foreign policies, he also isn’t anywhere near as good a house builder as we have been led to believe. At least that’s what the people who live in the Fairway Oaks Habitat for Humanity seem to be implying.

It seems that this group of homes that were built by Habitat for Humanity in a northern Florida wasteland are crumbling, falling apart and causing those who live in them to come down with rashes and other such ailments. The 85 homeowners who were recipients of a record breaking effort of 10,000 people to build these homes in 17 days have hired an attorney who says that Habitat for Humanity should have told the residents that their new free homes were built on a trash dump.

This whole subdivision was a cause celeb … literally. Hollywood celebrities bankrolled the effort, 10,000 volunteers built the houses and Jimmy Carter did his thing for the photo ops. All in all it seemed wonderful and everyone undoubtedly went home with stronger muscles, lighter wallets and warmer hearts.

Until the people who got the houses for free started complaining.

Now, there are several issues here. One is that its hard to complain about something you got for free. Seeing as I have never gotten anything for free, I have a bit of a hard time understanding that. Another thing is whether or not the charitable recipients have taken care of and maintained the houses since they got them. And of course, the other issue is what do you expect from donated equipment, supplies and labor.

I’m a fan of Habitat for Humanity and have actually done some work with them over the years from time to time. I think they do great work. But I can hardly pass up an opportunity to comment on Jimmy Carter and my ongoing distress that he and I are from the same part of the country.

Most of all, when I read this article I think that this could be the shape of things to come. With everything controlled by the government, we could very well be finding a lot of those government freebies are being built in a trash dump.

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