Ann Coulter is reportedly banned from NBC for life in retaliation for her sour barbs and latest book. “We are just not going to have her on any more,” says top network brass, either on the Today show, cable shows, or anywhere else for that matter.

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The report of Ann Coulter banned for life from NBC News is from the Drudge Report which cites the usual suspects, those “inside sources” which are always more chatty than truthful. So are we to really think that either Steve Capus, President of NBC News, or Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC Universal, spend time wringing their hands about harmless Ann Coulter? And at the same time that NBC’s entertainment division recognizes her appeal?

Frankly, I find this report hard to believe. Clearly NBC and especially its cable site MSNBC took a hard left turn in the past two years, led chiefly by the childish Keith Olbermann and step-fatherly Chris Matthews. The network apparently calculated, with partial success, that partisan news reporting was probably good for business. Good for them.

Meanwhile, Huffington Post is reporting that Coulter’s scheduled appearance on the Today show was canceled.

But it is always good for business to include controversial talking-heads on the air, something Fox News does quite well for ratings. An acidic commentator can always be set up to look foolish as a contrary point of view among learned others.

There is no benefit to banning anyone from the air unless it is done as a favor for the incoming Obama administration and their allies. Certainly her new book called ‘Guilty’ is quite disparaging to Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama. She repeatedly refers to him as B. Hussein Obama while criticizing her poor fashion choices. She has once again succeeded in getting the left in a frenzy just when most everyone else is considering her irrelevant.

However, given that conspiracy theories are generally the manna of fools, and given that NBC is an intelligently run news organization, let’s give up the idea of a quid pro quo for silencing Ann Coulter. Meanwhile, those who listen to her, and you are still far too many, may tune her in tonight on Fox to see what all the fuss is about.

Ann Coulter banned for life on NBC? Say it ain’t so.

Below is a prior video of an appearance on the Today Show, and the expected pictures of Ann Coulter and her legs.

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Ann Coulter – NBC Today Show (Video)

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