The Presidential Inaugural Committee has now released the details about all ten inaugural balls to be held in honor of Barack Obama’s Inauguration. One of them, the Youth Inaugural Ball, is being held especially for the young voters who said ‘Yes We Can’ during the presidential campaign. Read about it below, see photos, and a video.

Obama Inauguration 6

The obligatory ‘Youth Inaugural Ball’ will be held at the Washington Hilton in DC and is reserved for all of those millions and millions of Americans between 18 and 35 who voted ‘YES!” for Hopechangery. The tickets will cost $75 which is half the cost of tickets to the other nine balls.

“This is America’s inaugural celebration in every way,” said Presidential Inaugural Committee Executive Director Emmett S. Beliveau. “Young people are more engaged in this country’s future than ever before and we want to harness that excitement by inviting them to participate in this historic occasion. In that same vein, we are hosting events to bring people from all walks of life and from across the country – from the President-elect and Vice President-elect’s home states, as well as every corner of the nation – to celebrate this country’s unity moving forward.”

Though we do know there will be 10 inaugural balls, there is no word yet who will be the A-List entertainment or what amazing Hollywood celebutards will attend. But no worries! We, at Right Pundits, will be all over The One’s Inauguration so stay tuned!

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Photos: WENN