Ah, Yellowstone, and her majestic beauties, and horrific potential. Scientists have been observing a rarely seen phenomenon at the Park. Seismic activity has been non-stop with 250 tremors over the past few days. Read more, see photos, and a video of Yellowstone below.

It’s New Years Eve, and everyone is supposed to be having a good time tonight. We celebrate the end of the old and the beginning of the new year. Others tonight are pondering the potential danger that could be eminent. No one really knows what is going to happen, but scientists are keeping a close eye on things.

A large number of the earthquakes have been between 3 and 4 in magnitude. These kinds of swarms are often indicative of something to come in the way of volcanic activity. Yellowstone is really a large volcano. The BBC coined the term “super volcano�? in 2000.

Yellowstone blew it’s lid 2.1 million years ago releasing an estimated thousand cubic miles of ash into the atmosphere. That was 10 times worse than the volcano that nearly wiped out human kind 74,000 years ago.

It should be noted that all the earthquakes have been intense and concentrated in one area, which happens to be above the magna chamber. The scariest part of this story is the “harmonic tremors�? that scientists have picked up. They are a low level constant rumbling, which usually indicates magna movement.

It is most likely that the seismic activity is due to volcanic activity. To some, it is almost certain that some sort of eruption will occur. The only question remaining is how big it will be.
Others say there is not much to worry about.

Many believe the descriptions of end day scenarios in the bible sound a lot like what would happen if there were a supervolcano eruption. 1/3 crops dying, the sky turning dark, the moon as blood, etc.

The University of Utah is keeping their eyes peeled on the situation. Here is their website.

You must watch the video below.

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Video