January 22, 2009 UPDATE

New information was released on Wednesday, January 21st in the matter of the State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony. It appears to me that barely a day goes by anymore without us (the public) being inundated with even more tragic news regarding Caylee Anthony.

Florida released over 300 pages of new documents yesterday in compliance with the Freedom Of Information Act. Please remember no matter how much anyone disagrees, Casey Anthony has the presumption of innocence until the state proves its case at trial. That’s very tricky for me, but it’s also how our system works so that victims of violence do receive justice some day.

Sometimes I think we are all the recipients of *too much information*. As sordid as this case has been, I could have gone the rest of my life happily NOT knowing that little Caylee’s body had first (allegedly) been placed in in a laundry hamper before being double bagged in black garbage bags and tossed or placed in the woods, a mere 2-3 minutes from the Anthony home. I could have been equally happy to not know that a heart shaped sticker had been placed (allegedly) on top of the duct tape that covered Caylee’s tiny mouth. The sadistic aspects of this case seem to grow with each passing moment.

The release of taped visits (from last summer) this week, wherein Casey lays claim to victim-hood are beyond offensive, and I now understand the Florida Bar investigating Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez. Mr. Baez is a victim now, too. He claims he is being mistreated by the State of Florida because he is the first *Hispanic* attorney with a high profile case are, in my opinion, ludicrous and laughable. I have noticed that even those folks 100% convinced that Casey murdered her baby, Caylee, feel that Jose Baez never had control of his client, nor did he represent her best interests. I believe the rumors of a secret, two part production of a TV show to be true, although again I must state that is my opinion only. The money for the alleged dream team of high profile lawyers has to come from somewhere, and we have all witnessed the total lack of concern for Caylee’s body, and now her funeral, from the entire Anthony family. It seems buying Casey the best defense is the only priority. After all, nothing can be done for the deceased, right? Except for possibly burying her!!!

I want all these rumors to be just that … rumors, but I feel as much of the public does … the state has the evidence needed for conviction …. other than proving motive. The rumor that Lee, Casey’s brother, was Caylee’s biological father has not been put to rest (Hence the name Cay-LEE). That would certainly explain her obvious (to me) disdain for this precious little girl.

Right now, I truly wish the state had control of Caylee’s body so she could be laid to rest. Regardless of what is being said, there is no justification for this child’s remains to be sitting in a cardboard box at a funeral home. I also fervently wish that George and Cindy Anthony would review all these tapes through the public eyes of the average citizen. A wake up call is in order, yet no one seems to want to be the one to point this out.

In another sad moment to this never -ending tragedy, George Anthony was taken to a hospital early Friday for allegedly threatening suicide. He was found early this morning in a motel in Volusia County, Fl. Cindy Anthony notified police that George was missing after he failed to show up for a meeting with the family attorney. Having texted his intentions, police were able to use the ping system within the cell towers to locate him. The man has literally been hounded almost to death by a merciless public. Folks seem split on his involvement in Caylee’s murder. I choose to believe he knew nothing about anything Casey did, and while he may have suspected, probably could not let his mind go there.

There are some excellent crime forums on the internet discussing in depth all things related to this case. I recommend Websleuths as the place with the most accurate and up to the minute coverage.

From December 29, 2008

Once again Caylee Anthony’s tragic story consumes the public …. especially the citizen’s of Orlando, Florida. Apparently, the child can’t even get a proper and decent burial with all the hoopla and alleged Anthony antics.

Caylee’s biological parent Casey Anthony has been denied the ability to attend the little girl’s funeral. She is currently held without bond on a murder one charge. It’s no secret Casey and the rest of the Anthony family, George, Cindy & Lee, have been …….. uncooperative, at best. Lee Anthony may yet face obstruction charges. His new attorney Thomas Luka states :

“It’s possible criminal charges could be filed if the state feels that Lee Anthony mislead law enforcement officials or tampered with evidence in any way.”

I’m not sure exactly what it is that irritates me about this case. I understand the presumption of innocence. I appreciate how and why that works in our judicial system. However, I also realize that some crime cases are so bizarre that people like me tend to convict before a trial. Let’s all hope that kind of juror would excuse themselves, so as not to taint the trial, the outcome, the whole system. I could never sit on that jury.

On the other hand, we have folks that cannot see the forest for the trees and make no attempt to do so. They latch on to the innocent mantra early on and refuse to let go, even in the presence of indisputable evidence.

I want to know why. What is it about criminals that allows families and attorneys, among others, to keep their heads in the sand about their client? Does repeating “she’s innocent” over and over make it so? Is someone less guilty because an attorney can argue a bone was misplaced, or a family can offer an alibi? What happened to personal responsibility?

Tonight, the rumors start again. George and Cindy Anthony will have yet another autopsy performed on Caylee after their grandchild’s remains are released. This is not free. Many believe the Anthony family has received large sums of money from the media for Caylee and Casey’s private photos. They are said to have been paid for what was supposed to be a media blitz to garner sympathy for daughter Casey, but that tour ended abruptly with the remains of tiny Caylee being found within hours of their being on Larry King Live.

You might recall a bag with her remains was found by Roy Kronk on December 11,2008 …. in the vicinity of the Anthony home. Now former Anthony attorney Mark Nejame has offered a $5000.00 reward to Roy. Seems we don’t trust anyone to do anything for the right reasons anymore.

Initially the Anthonys were going to have a private and public memorial for Caylee and were willing to accept donations for the tiny tot’s funeral. Far better to pour money into Casey’s defense and Jose Baez’ dream team than fork over about 6k for a funeral! For some pithy reason, the public became upset with that, and the backlash was such that the Anthonys publicly stated they will accept no donations for the funeral. That was last week.

Now it’s being said they are again seeking funds for the funeral. The uber rich dream team can’t come up with 6k between them, to help their clients out? My biggest problem with the Anthonys right now are these delays in the burial of their murdered granddaughter. I buried a beautiful grandchild 8 years ago, and no, I didn’t want to. I wanted to delay the inevitable … forever if possible. I didn’t want this so called closure, either. But my grandson’s parents were in such shock, such pain, I had to be the adult and do it. Period. Note to Anthonys … get over yourselves and do the right darn thing for once!

Caylee’s name is being added to that ever growing list. You know the one! It lists Polly Klaas, Jon-Benet Ramsey and too many other murdered children. Most of us cannot fathom the reasons behind murdered children, and we don’t want to. But we do want justice for each of them, and our frustrations manifest in inappropriate ways when we see the way the alleged criminals and their lawyers use every trick invented, and some not yet thought of, to make sure their client goes free. Even while knowing that said client is guilty as hell.

The Anthonys … all of them, seemingly want us to believe that Caylee was kidnapped and murdered by some non existent nanny. We are to believe that the various police agencies could not be trusted with the *real* truth. One of Judge Judy’s best quotes is “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”, and that is what the Anthony family needs to hear. Repeatedly.

With all my heart, I hope the rumors of soliciting donations for Caylee Marie Anthony’s funeral are false. Even more, I hope that the Anthony’s “standing by their daughter” will include getting her to accept responsibility, tell the truth, and let’s be done with this tragedy.