A white man, who is for now remaining anonymous, has filed a lawsuit with Federal District Court to become recognized by the law as a black man. Under both state and federal law, people have a “right�? to be happy! Testing the seriousness of this right, our subject is going to court. Read more, see photos, and a video below.

We’ll call him Malibu’s Most Wanted (“MMW�?) for now. MMW wants the law to recognize what he has known all along since he was very young, that he is a black man, stuck in a white man’s body. He is seeking to have a “race change�? operation as soon as medical science allows for such. Surgery could change the pigment in his skin, and increase the size of his nostrils, lips, and perhaps his genitals. His taste buds can also be altered to favor barbeque, waffles, chicken and watermelon (though MMW claims to already have these tastes). He hopes the operation will also include physical training, with dance lessons as the main theme.

MMW applied for the African Negro College Fund and was denied based on race. He sees this as unequal protection of the law. This is partly why he has filed the law suit. He says, “if people make racist jokes at work, I want the right to sue them for discrimination. If I say anything now, everyone just laughs at me. It is not fair.�?

MMW is borrowing many of the arguments from the gay and lesbian community on the right of happiness and the right of gay marriage. Why should people make a judgment on MMW? He is just doing what he believes will make him happy. He wants to be black. So what?

Will the courts protect this man’s rights? Perhaps white people who want to become black haven’t become a powerful enough special interest group, like the gay community. In this country, that is the only way rights actually become rights.

In a similar story, Michael Jackson is rumored to have heard about this story and may be discussing his legal options with lawyers so that he can be legally recognized as being white. If only people could remember his message. See the video below.

Race Change Video