New York will need a new senator as Hillary Clinton becomes Secretary of State in the upcoming Obama administration. Caroline Kennedy has worked real hard to earn the position. Now she has made herself available for the “Women of the Year�? award if anyone is interested. Read more, see a video, and see a picture of the Woman of the Year below.

Think you know Caroline Kennedy, think again. Did you know that she is willing and able to volunteer her time to serve you and me as a U.S. Senator? Okay, well maybe you heard that. She is such a saint, willing to step away from her posh, rich, fantasy lifestyle to serve you and me, John Q. Taxpayer.

Wow, what a world we live in. I never would have expected her to have such a willingness to be of service. Her whole family has already given so much. Why would she think she needs to waste her time playing politician. I guess she so deeply cares about our problems. It must be that deep inner calling to serve that we have seen in her family. Her own father and uncle both gave their lives for this country. Her other uncle nearly died trying to save a poor young women from drowning near a bridge. Sadly, she didn’t make it.

Now, I hear that she is willing to be Woman of the Year next year. She isn’t being indiscreet about it. I am just baffled how someone can do so much. Katharine Hepburn couldn’t hold a candle to my sweet Caroline. Cary Grant would be all over that.

To top it all off, she is also willing to accept the noble peace prize. She has been in contact with Time magazine. When she has her mind set on something, she isn’t afraid to pick up a phone and make a call. I heard about how she is willing to be placed on hold, even call back if she gets the wrong number. Now that is determination. That is the kind of work ethic we need to change Washington. Can you smell that? Can you smell the change that is in the air? What a year we have ahead of us. I just cannot wait!

Woman of the Year Video