The value of the Ruble fell again on Friday, reaching an all time low against the Euro. Protesters took to the street earlier this month as the value of the Russian currency has been steadily falling since August. Fears of unrest begin to mount. Read more, see a video and see pictures of Russian Rubles below.

The experts are crying recession in Russia. Few can deny the certainty that things are going south. The Ruble fell about 20 percent against the dollar since its peak in early August.

The Russian stock index RTS has dropped 70 percent this year. This is in large part to the 77 percent drop of Urals oil to $32.34 a barrell, Russia’s number one export.

Russian officials are trying to keep the Ruble from falling in dramatic fashion as many Russians remember the crash of banks and the currency in the 1990s. Experts worry about a rush to the banks if the currency continues to fall. It appears to be a game of “Ruble Roulette.�?

What does this mean for Russian foreign and domestic policy? One fear is that Putin’s grip on the nation may further tighten under fears of civil unrest. Putin could also lead the way to further reversion to communistic style policies.

Will Russia become more aggressive? There is two schools of thought. One would suggest that Putin will seek aid from Europe and the United States, which would require more diplomacy and cooperation. The flip side is that Putin may become more aggressive and use a Kim Jung Il style of negotiation with the west to get his way.

We will be keeping a close eye on the situation unfolding in Russia as well as on the leadership of Barack Obama in dealing with the Russians. We willl keep you posted.

Ruble Falls Video