Hardly a day goes by without me talking to someone that has decided that even though they didn’t vote for 0bama, “they? will support the incoming administration. I have to admit that I did somewhat agree with sentiment for the first few days after the election, but after a lot of thought over this issue I have decided that I just won’t sacrifice my own beliefs, values, and philosophies just so I can say that I’m doing my part to make 0bama look like a hero. In short, I am now a full fledged member of the Conservative Resistance Movement.

I see no reason that I should lower my expectations for any President, especially one whose political ideology, philosophies, and world view were shaped by people such as 60s communist and revolutionary Sol Alinsky, yet lowered expectations is exactly what the incoming agent of hope and change is expecting. After 2 years of pimping his many plans to get America back on track and the almost nonstop commentary about how those plans would start paying dividends from day one, it only took 2 post election days for the President Elect to cautioning us to be patient. On Nov. 6, 2008 an article appeared in the New York Times. The following is the first paragraph of that article:

“President-elect Barack 0bama has begun an effort to tamp down what his aides fear are unusually high expectations among his supporters, and will remind Americans regularly throughout the transition that the nation’s challenges are substantial and will take time to address.?

Although its ridiculous to expect that 0bama ever had any short term answers to any of the nations troubles, that is exactly what he was selling to his supporters in what amounted to a 20something month long infomercial for his political snake oil. I wonder how his minions will feel once they come down from the high they got from Dr. 0bama’s Good Times Are Here Again elixir and the reality of the situation they’ve gotten themselves into sets in? Of course, like any good media based marketer will tell you, the first sell is the hook, but building up a base of repeat customers is the ultimate goal, and 0bama knows that.

The 0ne actually started his 2012 campaign back in June of 08 when “a pumped-up Barack 0bama says he’ll be wrapping up his second term as President when Chicago hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics, and the crowd cheered wildly, chanted “YES WE CAN?, and the ground flooded with tears of joy, etc, etc, etc. For someone who spent 10s of millions of campaign dollars producing television ads portraying himself as a down to earth man of the people, 0bama has an arrogance about him that would rival that of any member of the well established political elite. Is that the kind of change everyone was hoping for?

Speaking of change – or the lack thereof, the daily perp walk of appointees to the new administration thus far has been a parade of Clinton era retreds from top to bottom. In an odd kind of way, its rather entertaining to watch all those inside-the-beltway types tripping over each other to get their their memberships to Club 0babma, and have their names added to the “A list” which includes the likes of Tony Rezko, Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, Rashid Khalidi, Father Michael Pfleger, and George Soros.

As I stated earlier, I’ll not be able to buy into anything 0bama has to offer. While the masses will allow themselves to be led blindly down whatever federally funded path the government takes them, I’ll be exploring new ways to exersice my 1st. Amendment rights and finding more time to do it. I will be sending more letters to the editor for him to reject. I will be sending more emails to my represenatives for them to delete. I will be calling more governmental offices and leaving more messages in more voicemail inboxes to go unanswered than ever before. You see, not only do we have the right to protest our government in order to make our concernes known, it is our duty to do so.