I have not been to these neck of the woods in a long time. I am all out of ammo on politics for the moment – given the Election of 2008, which seemed to start shortly after the Election of 2008. In a nutshell, I am sick of politics for now. So, here goes a Christmas post that involves shopping:

I did some online shopping at two different stores this Christmas Season. I ended up with a wrong item in each order. Now, I want to vent. Can the warehouse worker pack an order correctly? Are the educational standards going down that much and do these stores simply hire non-English speakers? I just do not get how two separate stores would send me an item that I did not order. Maybe, its just bad luck. I had to spend an hour in line to re-ship the good (the carrier will remain nameless).

By the way – Store X – you sent me a really nice item in error. I am debating whether to even return it.

Tell me your Christmas Shopping horror stories -whether online or at a brick and mortar store. Also, tell me should Tina be good and return the item?

Merry Christmas.