The Fox News Channel announced today that Bret Baier, it’s chief White House correspondent, would replace the retiring Brit Hume as the host of it’s political news program called ‘Special Report.’ You can read Bret Baier’s biography below, see photos and watch a video.

I grew up watching Brit Hume so I am very sad he is retiring and leaving the anchor chair. He reportedly will continue to appear on ‘Special Report’ in his new role as senior political analyst, while occasionally anchoring major news events and contributing to the ‘FOX News Sunday’ panel. He also will be spending time with the ‘3 G’s’ – God, Golf, and Grand daughters.

Though in my opinion, Brit Hume is not replaceable, FOX News selection of Bret Baier as the new host beginning January 5th is great. It was really no surprise since Bret Baier has been the guest host for eons of time. And really… who else would they have put there?

Bret Baier Biography

Bret Baier was born in Rumson, New Jersey and lived there until age 10. He then moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia. Bret attended DePauw University, class of 1992.

He joined FNC in 1998 as the first reporter to be based in the Atlanta bureau. As the network’s southeast correspondent, Baier covered stories ranging from the 2001 Timothy McVeigh execution to the 1999 Elian Gonzalez story.

Prior to becoming the host of FOX News Channel’s ‘Special Report’, Bret Baier was the chief White House correspondent. In this capacity he reported on presidential activities on a national and international level.

Bret has also served as a national security correspondent and reported on military and national security affairs, as well as on defense, military policy and the intelligence community from the Pentagon.

In 2008, he hosted a one hour special on President George W. Bush including terrific behind the scenes interviews with the President aboard Air Force One, inside the Oval Office and at the Bush residence in Crawford, Texas. In 2007, he also had an exclusive sit-down with Vice President Cheney while traveling in Iraq.

Bret Baier has provided news coverage of the war in Iraq, reporting live from Iraq on 13 separate occasions since 2003. He has also covered the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, live from the region 11 times since the launch of Operation Enduring Freedom. He had the last interview with General Petraeus before he left the region.

Bret and his wife, Amy, have a son, Paul who was born in July 2007 with a potentially fatal heart defect. After multiple surgeries, little Paul has recovered. Bret Baier is a Roman Catholic and attends Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown.

Brit Hume Tribute Video