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This is Bruce Jeffrey Pardo. He’s the shooting Santa who plotted revenge against his ex-wife by dressing up like Santa Claus, going to his former in-laws’ Christmas Eve party, and slaughtering at least eight people before killing himself hours later. Read more about it below, see his photo, and watch a video.

UPDATED 12/28/08: The Covina Police Department has confirmed that the 2nd car belonging to Bruce Pardo believed to be booby-trapped with additional explosives has been found. It seems it was found by the Glendale Police Department but no explosives were inside the Rav4. Thankfully.


UPDATED 12/27/08: The Covina Police Department released the names of the nine people unaccounted for since the shooting and fire. Nine bodies were recovered from the rubble of the house, but authorities said they are having to work with dental records to establish identities. The nine unaccounted for are Sylvia Pardo, her parents, her sister, her two brothers, both brothers’ wives and a nephew. Ages of the nine range from 17 to 80.

Also, the police are looking for a second car believed to have been rented by Bruce Pardo on December 19th. Police cautioned that the missing car, a gray Toyota RAV4, might be booby-trapped or contain explosives.

Now, an attorney for a former girlfriend of Pardo is telling a tale about a ‘secret guilt’ Pardo supposedly carried regarding his young son who became severely brain damaged due to a swimming accident while under his care. Sylvia Pardo found out about this child that Pardo had abandoned years earlier and it reportedly caused the rift in their marriage.


UPDATED 12/26/08: The Covina Police Department have released 911 call recordings from the Santa massacre.


UPDATED 12/26/08: New information about the Christmas Eve Massacre was provided during a news conference by the Covina California Police Department. Apparently, with $17,000 strapped to his body and an airline ticket, the Santa Shooter Bruce Pardo, had plans to escape to Canada after his deadly rampage. Those plans changed when he himself was severely burned in the fire bombing of the house. The Police Chief described his injuries as ‘the Santa suit had melted to his body.’ Pardo received 3rd degree burns to his hands and arms.

Pardo used 4 semi-automatic handguns in the shooting, emptying them all. The Medical Examiner has not identified the 9 bodies as yet. They are burned beyond recognition.

And the exploding car? Before shooting himself in the head, Pardo hid massive amounts of explosive material under what was left of the Santa suit, booby trapping the vehicle. This obviously to wound, mame and kill those looking for him. The car was completely destroyed.


Updated 12/26/08: A ninth body has been recovered from the burned out house in Covina, California as investigators continue to sift through the ashes of the Christmas Eve massacre. All of the bodies recovered from the home were badly burned and none have been positively identified yet.

Also, apparently Bruce Pardo’s car was rigged with explosives. It exploded Christmas night and more ammunition was found in it according to the police. They are not sure what exactly triggered the explosion and no one was hurt. Bruce Pardo had no criminal record and no history of violence, according to police, but he was angry following last week’s settlement of his divorce after a marriage that lasted barely a year.

Yep. I guess you can call his maniacal actions ‘angry.’ As more details become available, we will continue to update this post.


In a really sick Christmas Eve rampage in Covina, California, Bruce Pardo dressed up like Santa Claus, opened fire on a gathering of his in-laws, and then quite methodically set their house on fire using a bizarre homemade device that sprayed some sort of flammable liquid. He killed at least eight people and injuring several others including an 8 year old and a 16 year old. At this writing, three additional people are listed as ‘missing’ after Bruce Pardo’s rampage — his ex-wife and her parents — and it is very likely their remains are among the ashes of the torched home.

Reportedly about 30 people, among them many children, were inside the home celebrating on Christmas Eve when Bruce Jeffrey Pardo knocked on the door. The gathering was a tradition for the family, an annual holiday party, and Pardo had apparently disguised himself as the hired entertainment to gain access into their home. When a guest opened the door, Pardo stepped inside the house, pulled out a handgun, and immediately started shooting people. Witnesses ran from the home into the neighborhood screaming.

Apparently Pardo and his wife Sylvia had filed for divorce in March, and Sylvia Pardo had been living in the home. The police began a manhunt for Pardo and were searching the area when his body was discovered in a car near his brother’s home in Sylmar which is a community about 40 miles northwest of Covina. He had shot himself in the head.

Bruce Pardo Santa Shooter Video