Need a new calendar for 2009? Got a thing for Sarah Palin? Now you can own a Sarah Palin Calendar 2009 that is the hottest thing on Amazon’s bestseller’s list. Read more about it below, see photos from the calendar, and watch a video.

The Sarah Palin Calendar is the nifty product of former Wasilla deputy mayor and ‘friend-of-Sarah’ Judy Patrick, an Anchorage-based photographer who gathered from her professional and personal stash of photos of the governor and her family to create the best-selling calendar.

F.O.S. Judy Patrick’s motivation for the calendar was less political and more financial—she was hoping to sell enough of the $15.95 calendars to put a down payment on a new home. I like an enterprising woman!

Oh, and for all you who suffer from Palin Derangement Syndrome, according to a Gallup Poll recently released, Sarah is the second most admired woman in America, behind New York Senator Hillary Clinton but ahead of talk show host and Obama-groupie, Oprah Winfrey.

Go here if you’d like to buy me or any of your favorite RP bloggers a Sarah calendar. heh!

Sarah Palin Video