On the first day of winter my Good Lord gave to me …..
One icy blizzard and
one falling Christmas tree ……………..

Actually, in this PC gone mad world, I think blizzards are now known as *weather events*. I often wonder who dreams these terms up, and why?????

I am in currently in Michigan, just across the pond from Chicago. On a clear day, you can smell the corruption wafting across Lake Michigan.
It has snowed all but three days since December 1. We have already forgotten the snow from November, and anxiously await the arrival of the mythical and mystical January thaw. I think it happened once, but wouldn’t swear to it.

December 21 being the first official day of winter, started out with some authority. By now, most of us ignore the watches and warnings and figure if the malls are open, the roads are fine. Sooo NOT true, yet people insist on driving. Yesterday captured everyone’s attention and our police didn’t tolerate those that just wanted to be out cruising around. 99% of everything was closed. Churches, malls, sandwich shops, boutiques … darn near everything. Our temps will hover at -10, -20 (wind chill). A half hour north of here, snow plows were pulled off the road.

Folks out driving were being caught in “white-outs”. If you’ve never been in one, trust me, you don’t want to be. You lose all sense of perception, direction. You have no idea if you’re going forward, backward, left, right, up or down and it is frightening!

Michigan’s economy is such that our Governor decided cutbacks were necessary … as in closing prisons, drastically reducing services such as plowing, etc. We had a major snow storm Friday and many residential areas have yet to be plowed. Wood TV 8 and WZZM 13 are having live, continuous coverage of our *event*. Traffic cams show, depending on the area, some people really do pay attention and avoid driving …. thus cutting down on serious accidents as well as those annoying fender benders. For those that insist on being out in this mess, we keep our fingers and toes crossed that they won’t panic while in a skid, and remember to NOT brake and turn INTO the skid.

It was just announced that some areas have received 17.2 inches of snow from this system. I looked outside and easily multiplied that by 1000x.

Power outages are expected to continue throughout the area, but so far, all is well in my little corner of the world.

We also had a heart tugging moment yesterday morning. A plane carrying more than 100 Troops, deployed to Iraq last January, landed safely at Gerald R. Ford airport. Rather than having to linger around the airport all day, a convoy of snow plows formed and escorted out Troops to the Delta Plex to be reunited with their loved ones. Welcome Home, soldiers and soldierettes! Good Job!

With all the *hope-changery* lately, I would love to blame this weather on politics, specifically liberals. However, I’m sure I would have more than snowballs thrown at me.

Uh … does anyone remember if spring still comes after winter, or has it been delayed, postponed or eliminated?