Kittens with several body piercings were removed from a Pennsylvania home by humane officers on Wednesday.

Humane officers from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania removed kittens from a home that were for sale as “gothic kittens�? on EBay and an internet auction site for pets. The kittens had been pierced in multiple body parts, including the neck, tail and ears, and wore earrings,

The above picture of one of the pierced kittens was posted with the advertisement on Ebay. A concerned man who saw the above picture called the phone number posted on the website and traveled to the home to view the kittens. When he saw the pierced kittens, he alerted authorities.

Humane officers received a search warrant for the Ross Township home and removed three kittens.

The homeowner has not been identified, though media reports have indicated that she is a woman. She reportedly is an owner of a pet grooming business called “Pawside Parlor,” which is operated out of her basement. Thus, she had numerous animals in her care on a daily basis

In addition to the earrings pictured above, the kittens also had submission rings placed in their tails, which could cause the tails to fall off. A dog with pierced ears was also found and removed from the house.

The woman is likely to be charged with animal cruelty.