Joan Tuckruskye is currently facing one misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child. It is alleged she was literally caught with her pants down along with a 13 year old boy. See her photo and hear the audio below.

Mrs.Tuckruskye is a 44 year old mother of three. She is in charge of fund raising for the Baldwin Middle School PTA in Nassau County, New York. She is described by coworkers as “very conscientious with school activities.”

Last Friday night while on patrol of the elementary school parking lot, officers reportedly noticed the foggy and steamed windows of an SUV. They approached the vehicle and knocked on said windows. Some things never change! They reported discovering a young teen boy and a woman in her 40’s naked from the waist down!

The boy initially told officers he was 18, but it was determined later at a hospital he was a mere 13. A child. Did I mention Joan Tuckrusky is 44? Forty d*mn four!

Police are still trying determine if there was any sexual contact … if so, Joan Tuckruskye might be charged with a felony.

So here we go again with another adult woman and possible sexual misconduct with a child partner. It’s hardly even news these days … teachers, moms, nurses, whatever, caught with a minor. The women we hear about doing this rarely get a sentence comparable to that of a man caught with a minor.

It appears to me that women of today are far more tolerant of pedophilia than in the past, and I want to know why. I also want it stopped. I want judges to start judging, and sentencing people to enough to time to instill fear into others, possibly stopping a would be pedophile while it’s still a thought. I want pedophilia to stop!

But alas, it never will. Most people tend to keep their head in the sand about such ugliness, until it affects them directly. Then they wonder how they could have missed all the signs.

This boy would not be the only victim here. Mrs. Tuckruskye has a family, friends and children of her own.