Yesterday, the Indiana Attorney General launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood of Indiana. Apparently Planned Parenthood has been advising young teenage girls how to circumvent Indiana law and were caught in the act when someone went in posing as a 13 year old and was told to go to Illinois to get the abortion because they don’t have parental notification laws. The only problem with such advise is that it is illegal. So, PP fired the staffer and said that this was against their regulations and that they bear no responsibility for the actions of a “rogue” staffer.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t a rogue staffer after all. Today the Indiana AG announced an investigation into another clinic that has been exposed by Lisa Rose and the Mona Lisa Project, which posts undercover videos of Planned Parenthood staffers advising their clients how to break various state laws.

My cynical mind has a hard time believing the single rogue staffer theory in the first place, but two such violations in the same week certainly suggests a pattern. Its clear from these videos that the staffer in question is not interested in the girls age, just dispensing information about avoiding state law. This isn’t even the first time that PP has run into serious ethical problems while advising clients. In a previous investigation this year in California a man called around asking if he could donate money specifically so that black mothers could get abortions. He stated that he was a white supremacist and wanted to make sure that black babies were aborted. The staffer’s response was “sure, we can do that, no problem.” I’ve been saying for years now that the Pro-Choice folks don’t care about anything else, just the number of abortions they can get, even if it means supporting a eugenics policy. Sarah Palin was automatically disqualified because she decided to keep her Downs Syndrome baby and not abort him, this is the mindset of these whack jobs.

Some of you know I have a rather strange view on abortion and I’m far less dogmatic about it then a lot of Conservatives. I think it is a disgusting practice and I’m nearly certain that practitioners of it (especially those who are essentially using abortion as a means of birth control) are going to be consigned to the 9th Circle of Hell. However, the pragmatist in me realizes that Roe v. Wade is such an established part of American legal jurisprudence that I just never see it going away. So, I don’t necessarily choose politicians based upon whether they are Pro-Life or not, to me there are just more important issues (someone like Giuliani comes to mind). With that said, why are we giving over $300 million dollars a year to Planned Parenthood (and oh yeah they had a $100 million surplus last year) so they can essentially inform young 13 year old girls how to break the law and cross state boarders to have invasive surgery performed on them. We used to prosecute people for crossing state lines for immoral purposes (the Mann Act) but I guess that only applied if you were a Mormon Polygamist. We should, at the very least, stop all federal funding for PP and start prosecuting such a despicable organization. Anyone in favor of a RICO investigation?