The video of President Bush ducking a pair of shoes, thrown at him in Baghdad this weekend has gone viral, with over 5 million hits to date. You can see it below if you haven’t already.

An unexpected visit to Iraq by President Bush allowed us to see that yes, indeed, progress has been made in Iraq, and democracy is alive and well. Were it not, Muntader al-Zaidi, 29, a reporter for an independent Iraqi television station would be walking around minus his head. As it is, he remains jailed and could face 7 years in prison for his act of aggression toward a visiting head of state. Throwing shoes at someone’s head is, well , not so cool. Even if they’re shiny black dress shoes.

The incident has definitely inspired the Bush hatemongers, while infuriating Arabs. This isn’t like throwing eggs, or rocks or peanuts even. Throwing one’s shoe is deemed the vilest of insults in that part of the world….it literally means the person on the receiving end of the shoe is viewed as being as low as the dirt beneath the sole.

Muntader al-Zaidi also shouted “This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog!” Most Arabs consider dogs to be *unclean*, so he added insult to attempted injury during his outburst. President Bush, funny bone intact, quipped “all I know is it was a size 10″. He graciously minimized the incident.

Many in the underclass are finding great joy in this mistreatment of the our president. Some in our own country are viewing al-Zaidi as a hero of sorts. Can you even begin to imagine what would be said had this been Obama? Would he shame our national character by cowering to the floor like a milk-toast?

Had a fruitcake thrown a tissue at Obama, Americans would unite. We would demand retribution of some kind….and right now! It would be an international incident, but instead Obama is left looking foolish while he appoints his next under-secretary of nothingness.

As it is though, the disgruntled Ones are content to make jokes, create duck the shoe games, and add more insults to our President. Their heads aren’t clear enough to recognize that an insult to our president is an insult to us all. The comments from the left embarrass the nation.

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, who, in a statement Monday, called the shoe throwing a “a shameful savage act” and demanded a public apology from Al Baghdadia, the independent satellite channel that employs Zaidi.

As of tonight, no apology from the station that employed al-Zaidi is forthcoming while Barack Obama remains strangely silent. Why the silence from Barack Obama as he tiptoes around in sneakers. This is the time for patriots to speak.

The station posted an image of al-Zaidi in the corner of the screen all day Monday, while inviting folks to call in. The vast majority of people that called approved of his actions.

Video below.

Bush Show Video (Iraq)