The dramatic increase in elderly abuse shows no signs of decreasing. In yet another horror story, Natalie Herbst-Vinge was allegedly kidnapped and beaten by three California teens this past week. Read about her here.

Natale Herbst-Vinge, 75, of El Cajon, California fell victim to yet another group of out of control teens. It is alleged that Luis Lomeli Osborne, 18, and Antoinette Baker, 19, both of El Cajon and Jeffrey Edward Nelson of Lakeside kidnapped, beat and tortured Mrs. Herbst-Vinge for 26 hours last week.

Antoinette Baker, Luis Lomeli Osborne and Jeffrey Edward Nelson all entered not guilty pleas at their arraignment in El Cajon Superior Court yesterday. Each is being held on a two million dollar bond. A hearing will be held Dec.29 to determine if there is sufficient evidence for a trial.

The trio pleaded not guilty to the following charges: Torture, kidnapping, robbery, willful cruelty to an elder causing great bodily injury, and theft from an elder. Jeffrey Nelson also pleaded not guilty to charges of carjacking, kidnapping during a carjacking, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury and burglary.

Last Monday night, Mrs. Herbst-Vinge, (known as Sandy), allowed Jeffrey Nelson to enter her home to make a phone call sometime after 9:00 pm. She had previously purchased a vacuum cleaner from him, and Nelson had gained her trust. Thus began this 26 hour nightmare for yet another senior citizen.

It’s alleged that once inside Mrs. Herbst-Vinge’s home, Nelson choked her unconscious and bound her with duct tape. He then proceeded to ransack her home hoping to find money and credit cards.

District Attorney Paul Greenwood said it is unknown when Antoinette Baker and Luis L. Osborne became involved, but at some point, they joined Nelson and drove to Ocean Beach with Herbst-Vinge in the trunk of her car and used her gas card.

When Mrs. Herbst-Vinge begged for water and started screaming, Osborne and Nelson allegedly started beating her and punching her in the face. Greenwood also stated “We know (Baker) knew exactly what was going on with the victim and did absolutely nothing to help.”

My oh my … what big, bad men they are! Must take an extreme amount of courage to damn near beat a helpless and bound little old lady almost to death! The trio faces life in prison if found guilty …. I wonder how courageous they will feel while caged.

These three are yet one more example of what happens when raised in a liberal, do what you want, take what you want, just don’t get caught and bother mom and dad atmosphere. Whatever happened to teaching children respect, manners, accountability and right from wrong?

Does anyone want to listen to the excuses the defense will present in trying to plead these charges down? Anyone but me sick of hearing Oh poor little so and so, raised in a single parent home, blah, blah and blah? It doesn’t seem to matter what socio-economic background young people have …. something is wrong when we hear story after story of teens turning to crime because it’s *fun*.

Where is the damn glory in torturing a senior citizen? Did these three actually think …oh I’m the big dog now? Are there actually people willing to give them a pass, and become friends? What is the point in this madness?

This poor woman was only found after her alleged abductors were pulled over for a traffic violation around midnight Wednesday in El Cajon. She remains hospitalized, but is doing well. Doctors fear she may have had a fear induced heart attack.

I hope that the jury seated during the trials will remember their own grandparents, or elderly people they have loved. I really, really hope that our judicial system will open their collective eyes and punish this crime appropriately. Life in prison in too good, in my opinion.

Mrs. Herbst-Vinge still plans on having a New Years Eve party when she is out of the hospital … but only if she can find makeup to covered her bruised and battered face. Maybe someone will bring her a tube of Clinique foundation, and she can have the time of her life!