Shaun Donovan is the latest in a series of picks by Barack Obama. He has been named Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Read more about the baggage this bloke brings with him to the office, a biography, photos and a video below.

Would you believe it? Barack Obama picks another Clintonite to a high level position. Change is coming! Yes, change from Bush to Obama, or should I say Clinton? Shaun Donavan did such a fantastic job in the Federal Housing Administration during the Clinton years, that they had to bring him back. We all know how liberal government intrusion into the private sector under the Clinton administration worked out for the housing market.

Shaun Donovan Biography

Shaun Donovan was born in New York on January 24, 1966, so his age is 42. He is married to Liza Gilbert and has two sons, Milo and Lucas. They reside in New York.

Donovan earned undergraduate and post graduate degrees from Harvard, attending the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Architecture to study public administration. He was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing at HUD during the Clinton Administration. He also acted as FHA commissioner.

Mr. Donovan was appointed by Mayor Bloomberg as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation (HPD) in 2004. He was the managing director of FHA lending for Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, prior to the Bloomberg administration. Prior to that, he was a visiting scholar at New York University.

Here is a video of a speech Donovan delivered.

Shaun Donovan Video