The Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, and Carole Rome married in a beautiful ceremony tonight and we have pictures of the bride and groom here.

Governor Crist and Carole Rome married tonight at the beautiful First Methodist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I was on hand representing Right Pundits to snap some photos. Guests included friends, family, top donors and state officials. On a cool, breezy evening, the Governor exchanged custom made rings from the Gold & Diamond center in front of about 200 exclusive guests at a black-tie ceremony. Carole received an 18-karat white gold and pave diamond wedding ring to match her sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The bride also wore a sparkly diamond necklace, matching earrings and bracelet, which complemented her strapless Dupioni silk gown very well, making her a stunning bride. As you can see in our photos, the two newlyweds look amazing, and truly in love.

And The People’s Governor remained true to his hometown roots, stopping in to hand deliver a wedding invitation to his longtime barber, Carl Trup, who waived the usual ten-dollar fee after giving him a hair cut for the big event.

Following the ceremony at the church, the couple and their guests retreated to the renowned Vinoy Hotel, which is located nearby on the water. The couple will entertain their guests in The Grand Ballroom.

Along with the chilly weather came some not so warm guests in front of the church, who were there to protest the fatal shooting of a young teenager by St. Petersburg Police this year. Alongside them were, of course, the gay rights protesters.

Always the class act, Crist said of the melee;

“It’s a great night for Florida, it’s a great night for us. Free speech is alive and well.�?