Update December 19, 2008

We all knew it was coming, but just moments ago it was confirmed that that the skeletal remains of a child, found last Thursday in Florida, are indeed those of Caylee Marie Anthony. Dr. Jan Garavaglia (Dr. G) announced the findings at 2:06 pm today.

The cause of death is currently listed as homicide by undetermined means. Casey Anthony, Caylee’s biological parent, remains in jail without bond and is currently the only suspect.

Like it or not, she is innocent until proven guilty. There has been tremendous speculation concerning the meter reader (Roy Cronk) who found the remains (reportedly beginning last August) but according to the police, he is considered a very credible witness, and not a person of interest in this tragic case.

Stay tuned as this case unravels with more confusion than a Rubic’s cube.

There is breaking news that the skeletal remains of a small child have been found near the home of George and Cindy Anthony. They are the grandparents of Caylee Anthony who has been missing since June 2008. Read about it below and see a related video.

casey anthony mugshots

Casey Anthony Mugshots

A tiny body wrapped in plastic and sealed with duct tape was found 3/10’s of a mile from the home of George and Cindy Anthony.The remains were discovered by a meter reader around 9:30 am this morning, December 11, 2008. While not officially identified as Caylee Marie Anthony as of this writing, there is reason, based on the description to believe this might be the missing child of Casey Anthony.

If you have missed the endless coverage of this one missing child, here is the back story.

A frantic call was made to Orlando, Florida police in mid-July by Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother. She called after learning from Caylee’s mother Casey, that the child had been missing for at least 30 days. The mother, Casey, did not seem to see fit to notify anyone the child was missing, or as she claimed, had been kidnapped by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez. Casey was trying to locate her missing child by herself, she told police. Casey’s version of *Zenaida* turned out to be non-existent.

She looked in nightclubs, she looked at parties, she looked at boyfriends residences, etc. Pictures of her partying leads one to feel she must have felt obligated to join the festivities while in pursuit of information about her almost 3 year old child.

Casey Anthony was arrested and released early on. She denied any wrongdoing, and insisted the reason she cannot speak with police or FBI is because whoever has Caylee, would harm her if she talked. Anthony was re-arrested and charged with first degree murder just over a month ago and has been denied bail. The death penalty is off the table.

Meanwhile, for six months the grandparents have been insisting Caylee is alive, although they had reportedly been shown forensic proof indicating Caylee was deceased. They are currently on a media blitz, trying to convince the rest of us that Caylee is alive and their daughter Casey has been persecuted by police with minds made up from day one.

George Anthony is a former police officer and Cindy Anthony is a registered nurse.

Over the last few months, Casey Anthony has been referred to in the press as a sociopath, psychopath, drug addict, and narcissist. Her parents and a few others refer to her as a loving, devoted mom. No one here is qualified to diagnose Casey, but we all have our own opinions and thoughts. Hopefully none of them will factor in to seating a jury in Ms. Anthony’s upcoming (March 2009) trial.

Jose Baez, attorney for Casey Anthony has loudly maintained his client’s innocence, and stated we would all know the *real* story at trial. Numerous times he has stated Caylee was still alive, although at one point alluded to a scenario of Caylee being a victim of an accidental death. He is currently seeking a change of venue. He reportedly does not believe he can seat an unbiased jury for his client in Orlando.

There are few people out there who have believed the Anthony’s version of events. Coverage of little Caylee, and the perceived coldness shown by her mom Casey Anthony, has been relentless. There are so many other missing children, yet the public is focused on Caylee, in part due to the mysteriousness of all the Anthonys.

Caylee Anthony – Video