Aiko robot is a sexy female robot built to serve man. She’s said to be the ‘perfect woman’, from her inventor’s point of view anyway. Read about her below and see a photo and video.

Don’t even think about getting fresh with Aiko the Robot. She will slap you and call you a pervert! Ha! Seriously. This incredible woman … errr … robot, was built by Vietnamese Canadian Le Trung to be the perfect woman. She’s pretty, works hard, carries on conversations and has got spunk.

Aiko never needs to sleep, so she can work 24/7. I’m thinking that’s the ‘perfect woman’ part. She’s still a virgin. Le built in the spunk element so she’ll tell you off if you touch her inappropriately. Smart man! However, he has said that he could make a few adjustment and she could provide that service as well.

Aiko is pretty and has a perfect 32-23-33 figure. She helps with Le’s accounting, she gives him directions when they are out driving together and keeps him company. She can read, recognize colors and learn. She gets him drinks and keeps the house clean.

Le originally thought of the idea to build an android to help the elderly. It took him two years and $21,000 to build her. Now he’s looking for sponsors so that he can make her more perfect. Particularly, he wants to work on her walking so she walks more like a human.

I’m betting someone will ante up the funds to get this robot babe ready to go on the market.

Aiko Robot – Video