Tracy Abdur-Rasheed is a mother that hosts parties. Yes, there were teens at mom’s hooker party, cops say. The cops raided the party and found two teens, age 16, dancing half naked for money. One of the teen’s mother was the host of the party. Read more on this story, and a video below.

Warren County Sheriff, Wayne Evans, says the police raided the prostitute party to find just that, prostitutes. There were 19 prostitutes and several “Johns�? at the party, none of which were arrested.

There were also firearms, drugs like Marijuana and Ecstasy, and other illegal paraphernalia. The mother, who was one of the hosts, is Tracey Abdure Rasheed. She has been arrested on various charges. The daughter and the other teen are being held in protective custody at a shelter. It is not clear whether or not the teens were actually being sold for sex. We’ll keep you updated.

Mother Hosts Prostitute Party Video