Former Vice President Al Gore is hosting a ‘Green’ Inaugural Ball on January 19th, the night before President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office. He’s calling it ‘The Green Ball: Inauguration of a New Green Economy.’ Sounds like SCADS of fun doesn’t it??!? Read more about it below, see photos and watch a fun video.

Gore’s Green Inaugural Ball will be held at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington and according to the invitation, it will “bring together a diverse coalition of environmentally-forward organizations, entrepreneurs, scientists and advocates, celebrating a commitment to growing the New Green Economy.” Whatever that means.

The invitation also features a green-shaded image of Obama — too funny — along with a quote from his interview with Time Magazine from this past fall.

“There is no better potential driver that pervades all aspects of our economy than a new energy economy. … That’s going to be my No. 1 priority when I get into office.”

But wait! There’s more… a second group is planning a ‘Green Inaugural Ball’ as well, calling it the first ‘eco-friendly’ inaugural celebration. It is planned for January 17th. The catering will be ‘100 percent organic’ and the bars will feature both local and organic beverages. The food waste and floral arrangements will be composted and the lighting scheme will be energy efficient. The group will also pay for so-called wind power offsets and bogus carbon credits to make the event ‘carbon neutral.’ Oh, and it urges guests to sport green or black ties. How cute.

Personally, I think the ‘Black Tie and Boots Ball’ sounded much more fun!

By the way, The One’s transition team has announced the theme for his January 20th star-studded inauguration celebration. It’s ‘Renewing America’s Promise.’

Al Gore – Global Warming Video